Clark County has two underground pipe systems- sewers and storm drains. The storm drain system was designed to reduce flooding by carrying excess rainwater away from streets and developed areas. Since the storm drain system does not provide for water treatment, it also serves the unintended function of transporting pollutants directly to our local waterways. Polluted stormwater runoff has been identified as a major source of water pollution.
Best Management Practices (BMP)
BMP: Limit access to and from the site. Stabilize construction entrances to minimize the track out of dirt and mud onto adjacent streets.
Sierra Ready Mix will only enter construction sites at approved entrances. All jobsite’s not having proper entrances will be documented and customer notified of issue. When construction sites are muddy, all vehicle tires will be brushed off with long handled brushes. Drivers will follow one path when leaving jobsite to limit clean up needed.
BMP: Wash out concrete mixers only in designated washout areas at the construction site.
Sierra Ready Mix will only wash out at SWPPP approved washout locations, or with our on board, self contained washout systems. If no SWPPP approved washout is available, our drivers use a self contained, environmentally friendly washout system manufactured by Concrete Slurry Solutions. These washout systems insure all left over concrete is returned back to our plant for approved recycling disposal.
BMP: Clean up spills immediately using dry clean up methods for liquid spills: sweeping for dry spills such as cement, mortar and removing the contaminated soil from the spills on dirt areas.
Sierra Ready Mix will ensure all vehicles have a shovel and a bucket to pick up any small spills. Drivers will contact dispatch to inform them of assistance needed for larger spills. Plastic tarps will be in vehicles to ensure small vehicle leaks are contained. Vehicles will be pulled from service to fix any leaks.
BMP: Maintain all vehicles and equipment in good working condition.
Stormwater Quality Management Committee Members: